Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Music City!

Experiences like last night are the biggest reasons why I love living in Nashville! Of course, these two events were on the same night. (It seems like I always have multiple things I want to go to all on the same night). I went to a benefit concert (only $12) in downtown Nashville last night. This concert was for MS and performers were Lee Brice (he's new but he wrote Garth Brook's most recent single "Memory"), Chuck Wicks, SheDaisy, Chris Cagle and Clay Walker. The concert started at 7:30 and I had a party at 9:30. So I was able to hear the first 3 acts but missed Chris Cagle and Clay Walker. But I saw Clay Walker last year at the Houston rodeo so I was really only disappointed about missing Chris Cagle since I've never seen him live before. Below are some pictures from the event. I got there at 5:20 and the doors opened at 6:00 so I got front row center standing spots. It was AWESOME!!! I swear on my life Chuck Wicks and I had a moment. Our eyes locked for like 10 seconds but it seemed like an eternity. SheDaisy was awesome too!! I was most excited to see them. Kelsi (the red-head) goes to the Old Hickory Ward which meets right before my ward so I've bumped into her a few times. She kept looking down at us and smiling so I'm pretty sure she recognized us. Either that or Lori and I were the only ones singing along and so she smiled. :) I'm going to mention something to her though if I see her at church this Sunday.

The second event was amazing! There's a new up and coming group called The JaneDear Girls. One of the girls from the duo is in my ward. She invited me to come to this party at John Rich's mansion!! (He's from the country duo Big & Rich, if you've heard of them). This week in Nashville is CRS week - which I think stands for Country Radio Stations week. So they had over 200 radio people from around the country here listening to their song. If they like what they hear they will play their songs. She invited a bunch of friends so we could jump around and rock out with her band. It looks good to the radio people if they see normal people enjoying the music. It was so fun!! They didn't allow us to take any pictures so you'll just have to believe me but I ran into Jay from Rascal Flatts. He's the dark haired one. And John Rich was behind his bar the entire night getting drinks for everyone! It was so cool!! I love Nashville!!!!!

Anyway, here are some pictures from the benefit concert. I'm sorry I haven't updated in far too long. My only excuse is that my computer broke so I never download my pictures. I'm at the library now so I'll try to update more often. I love y'all!

SheDaisy - I love them!

Chuck Wicks - such a great performer

Lee Brice

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2nd Annual Cousin Slumber Party on New Year's Eve hosted by Aunt Jac

Here are some pictures and footage of the officially traditional slumber party:

If you've seen the original "Charlie Bit Me" you may appreciate our reenactments. If you haven't go here:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin bread

This week has been my Fall Break so I've had the entire week off. I decided it would be fun to try to be Suzie Homemaker this week so I made pumpkin bread for the girls I visit teach. My first batch burned a little because it was done on the outside and not in the middle and the bottom stuck to the pans. The bread still tasted good and I got a lot of compliments but I wanted to do better. I got a few pointers from Lori and tried again and it came out like this! I'm so proud of this loaf of bread. I'm finding that cooking can be fun!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


There is a YSA in my ward that works at a salon so I like giving her my business. Here are some pictures from the day. I think I got about 6-7 inches off. You can't tell too well from these pictures but she made me blonde again, cut my hair to shoulder length and even gave me a bang - we'll see how long that lasts. I love getting my hair done. I feel like a new woman!



Friday, October 9, 2009

Special Needs

I was looking at everyone's blogs recently and went to my blog and noticed my last post was on August 28! It's about time I post something here.

Nashville is as great as ever! The fall is here although it was 85 yesterday but will be 65 tomorrow. The leaves are beginning to turn colors and it's beautiful.

My new job started off a little rocky. There is this particularly "special" child. He has down syndrome and is much bigger than his classmates. They are all in kindergarten and 1st grade and he is in 4th grade but has the mind of a kindergartener. He loves to bully all of the kids. The first couple of days were rough with him. The teacher said since he doesn't know me yet he was testing the boundaries. Within the very first hour of my new job he was getting a drink of water while we were walking down the hall. I stopped to wait for him while the rest of the class went around the corner. He got one last drink while I pulled him away. I could see something in his eyes and caught on just as he spit a huge mouthful of water right at me. I was able to jump out of the way and dodge it. He then laughed hysterically and ran and caught up to the rest of the class. I thought, "oh boy, I'm just going to love this job!" The next day we were in art with another class. The assistants, me and another girl, sit in these classes (it's either art, music or p.e. each day). The other assistant took one of the boys downstairs to be fed (he eats with a feeding tube) and left me in the room with Casper (the down syndrome boy) and the rest of the class plus another class and a substitute art teacher. Casper of course totally freaked out and started throwing crayons and hitting little kids. I held him in the corner for a few minutes but he was being so disruptive to the other kids trying to color so I took him out in the hall. Another teacher came out and asked if I needed help because he was FREAKING out and I was using all of my strength to hold him in the corner to try to calm him down. No exaggeration, it took all of my strength, he is a big kid! He could probably take me down if he really wanted to. Finally the other assistant came up and got him calmed down. So after day 1 and day 2 I was really not enjoying my job. I didn't realize how much work special needs children would be. Day 3 was so much better. Casper didn't try to kick or hit me once all day and he even gave me a big hug at the end of the day. Ever since then we've been good buds and my job has gotten a lot better. There are 9 students in the class. Three of them have "special" special needs the rest mostly just have learning disabilities and trouble paying attention but they are capable of learning. So far I am really liking it! I am the floater assistant so I go back and forth between the younger special needs class and older. I love going to the older class. They all learned to love me quickly and always want to tell me their whole life stories. I love hearing them say, "Ms. Sampson, did I do it right?" I got sick the week before I started and now two weeks later I'm still sick! I have had NO voice the last 4 days but am finally just starting to get it back today. I'm hoping over the weekend I can rest it and be fully recovered by Monday. I think I just lost it because I am not used to having to raise my voice but with these children there is no choice. They don't listen unless you get right in their face and force them to listen.

Well that is a small update. I'm going to try to update this more often. It's really ridiculous how long I went. There are some fun activities coming up so I'll be sure to take my camera and get pictures of my friends and the events going on.

Friday, August 28, 2009

New Apartment

Here is a glimpse of mine and Lori's new apartment.

Dining Room.


Living Room.

My bedroom.

My bathroom.

My closet.